Life Is Poison

by Bonestorm

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released February 24, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by José A. López
at La Caterva Grabaciones(Gran Canaria),
during December, 2014.
Illustrations by Miguel ''Panki'' Rodríguez.
Artwork by Bonestorm.




Bonestorm CN, Spain

Bonestorm hardcore punk from Tenerife, Canary Islands.

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Track Name: The Hole
The hole plunges us into deep, uncertainty surrounds.
We are blind. We are dumb.
Track Name: Public Morals
Born, grow up, be fucked and die.
Existences devoid of desires mutilates the human race,
staying numb, digging dirt.
Animals devout of faith glorifying sinners as saints.
Empty minds of rotten selves walking throughout the pestilence,
rolling forward in reverse.
Track Name: Life Is Poison
Carry angst at my head. Hatred runs through my veins.
Unsatisfied with the established. I can't seem ease my desagree.
Fuck fascist, fuck racism, fuck politics.
Fuck sexism, fuck machism, fuck stereotypes.
Fuck police, fuck army, fuck authority.
Track Name: Rivers of Blood
Millions of victims behind years of tortures to the humankind.
War crimes / Genocides / Mass rapes / Homicides.
Rivers of blood run the world.
Born to be killed. Raised in tears.
Feed by disease. Instilled in fear.
Reject the truce by wounds of hate.
Bleed by defeat.
Track Name: Greed
Lies were given by greed, playing with an invented guilt.
Slavery of avarice. Victims of greed.
The only church that illuminates is a burning church.
Track Name: This Nothing
This system make us slaves without dignity, without depth.
This system make us slaves of this money. This nothing, this shit.
Illusions and farces created to alienate,
dissapointments that lead us to a dead escape.
We won't escape.
Track Name: Rejected
Fill my ears with sacred melodies.
Fill my breath with reek of deceased.
Full my head of doubts and despair.
Full my mind with pernicious desires.
Fill my brain with lies and deceits.
Fill myself with failures and fears.